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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The phrase 'tall poppy syndrome' was invented by twerps to avoid justifiable criticism. It doesn't exist in practice. As long as diversity of values exists, there will be deserved criticism of those false icons who hold themselves up as people that we should aspire to be like. That is not tall poppy syndrome, that is honesty. Place no merit in the idea that your perceived achievements warrant universal regard. If you're being a dick, then you're a dick. Respect is earned, whether you're a famous-anus or not. Don't attribute the reason you're now disliked to your success. Success isn't the flaw; your new personality is. We're not jealous, we're saddened that you've become a jerk. We don't want to cut you down, we just want the nice person back. Never label your fall from popularity as the result of the non-existent 'tall poppy syndrome.' That's just another way you're carrying on as a prat.