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Thursday, January 26, 2012


there's a garage sale in a seaside town
this Saturday, 7am start, NOT BEFORE!

plenty of bric-a-brac:
candlewick bedspread, books, dining table and 5 chairs 
(one missing – don't know what happened to it),
tools, clothes, an old television (still goes)
a telescope, hammock, map of the coast,
a birdcage, briefcase, electric lawnmower,
some pick-up-sticks and a deck of cards (complete!).

little will sell;
the buying happens over the road 
at the new red shed –
where guaranteed warranties 
are as cheap as chips.
but never mind! 
the locals still 
will come along
to natter, to chat,
to complain a bit 
about this and that;
(price of milk, price of fuel, price of progress).

"sub-divison up the way's coming along at a rate of knots,"
they'll say, 
one judgmental eye 
on the bright concrete driveway 
snaking behind
the bulldozed section past 
'weatherboard' (kitset) houses
blocking the sea, the horizon, the view 
beyond tables laden with 40 years 
of domestic history,
and one judgmental eye 
on the overpriced 
used cutlery.