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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Meanwhile, tucked into their beds, fast asleep, Poppy and Sid were dreaming of monkeys and trains and cheese and dancing. On this particular spring morning the sun decided not to get up and it remained night time for ever more. Poppy and Sid were troubled by this to begin with, but adapted well enough. After a short while, the gravity of the situation became apparent and what had begun as a super adventure turned for the worse. A chaotic descent into war and madness by all of humanity followed. Somehow Poppy and Sid ended up as the last human beings alive. They were obviously very competent and resilient. How do you think you would have done in similar circumstances?
Don't be too sure... You see, I made this little story up. That's a fact. And if I had placed you into the story I would have fabricated a scenario not necessarily in your favour. That is the power of fiction. So just be aware one day you may end up as a character in a story; possibly a flawed character.